galleryHOMELAND Portland

GIVERS::curated by Jesse Hayward

Ford Building 2505 SE 11th Ave, Portland Oregon
Opening Reception Friday, December 12th 6-9pm

Olivia Brown
Elias Crouch
Sally Finch
Bryan Friel
Nathan Gibson
Bill Hayward
Midori Hirose
Byron Kurtz
Hannah Lockhart
Mark Moore
Lisa Mir
Jarrett Mitchell
TJ Norris
Tim Schwartz
Sibel Sunar
Liz Walsh

galleryHomeland is pleased to announce GIVERS, a group show of art objects given away by their makers.  For this curatorial effort, Jesse Hayward examines his fundamental belief that artists are generous and creativity is giving by nature.  With GIVERS, Hayward shares his collection of gifted artworks acquired over decades of studio visits and hundreds of artist relationships.  GIVERS includes objects from contemporary local artists, curators and professors alongside works from Hayward’s graduate school compatriots.  These artist-to-artist gifts are paired with a more personal narrative as Hayward also shares a neighbor’s childhood drawing, a painting from the 1950’s given by his father and a college ceramics assignment gone just right.
I have a core belief that artists are givers.  Having known hundreds of artists for decades, I have found great confirmation that despite our neuroses and hubris the creative act is inherently generous and artists are confirmed and habitual givers, further evidenced by the volume of gifted artworks I have gladly received over the years.  Yes, artists want their work to be seen but this instinct has more kindness at its core then vanity.  With GIVERS, I am most excited to share a painting made by my father as a young man in 1958 and gifted to me shortly before his death in 1999.

galleryHOMELAND Houston

New-Onset::DEC 13

Heather Bause, Calvin Ross Carl, Geneva Gordon, Christoph Hueppi, Darcy Rosenberger

Opening Reception December 13th 6-9PM

December 13th, 2014 – January 24th, 2015

2327 Commerce Street
Houston, TX 77002

galleryHOMELAND proudly presents New-Onset featuring bodies of work blurring the boundary of painting, drawing, and sculpture. Through a variety of technique, these artists work deeply in the realm existing between the 2D and 3D.  Through spacial examination the pieces reform the visual field and break free of the traditional.  With New-Onset galleryHOMELAND has brought together five artists working regionally, nationally, and internationally, working beyond the confinements of their mediums.

Geneva Gordon from Houston creates a lush sculpture and installation which becomes visually weighted and drips from its original location, hanging low to the ground.  With thick application and color field depth, Calvin Ross Carl’s paintings seem to pop forth and retreat from a vibrant palette bringing the attention deep within surface. Intricate laced pencil work on a large scale begins breaking the pictorial plain and clever sculptural practice begins to wrestle conversation within painting.  Each of these artists explore their materials and establish new meaning and force new visual investigations.  Through their works, they use the unwillingness to comply to their advantage and mimic the spacial relations represented in other art practices.  Intricate laced pencil work on a large scale begins breaking the pictorial plain and clever sculptural practice begins to wrestle conversation within painting.

Featuring: Heather Bause ( Houston ), Calvin Ross Carl ( Portland ),Geneva Gordon ( Houston ),Christoph Hueppi ( Switzerland ), Darcy Rosenberger ( Houston )

Please Join us for music, drink, and the third exhibition to close the current year and welcome in the new one, at galleryHOMELAND Saturday, December 13th, 2014 from 6-9pm.

For more information and details email Paul@galleryhomeland.org or call 503-819-9656