Sylvia Mann

Pacific NorthWestern:

Sylvia Mann is an Artist who’s subject matter is often full of whimsy and joy of the natural world. In This series of work she focuses her considerable talents toward our local landscape. Through painting, scratching and carving of the surface.

In her own words:

“Making art, I feel a freedom to express myself fearlessly.  I love strong colors, contrast, and texture. This series of paintings I call “Pacific Northwestern”. The images are inspired by the natural beauty everywhere in our area.  Most of the pieces are done on plywood in acrylics, and are loosely referenced from photographs (most of which I’ve taken).  I carve through the paint layer back to the wood, retouch, and seal the artwork.”


Sylvia Mann (aka The Mann) artsymann.com

Sylvia Mann is a Portland native sharing art with the public since 1995.  She is a mixed media artist, comic creator, and  a three time award winning Captain Picard Day art contest winner. She has a Graduate Jeweler Diploma from the Revere Academy, San Francisco (14 years worked in the jewelry trade) and a B.A. in fine and applied arts from the University of Oregon.