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I’ll Imply, You Decipher::Oct25

October 25-December 7

Opening Reception Saturday October 25th 6-9pm

Installation Betsy Huete 2014

Betsy Huete and Kyle McAvoy

galleryHOMELAND is proud to present these two recent University of Houston Graduate students in our second opening at our new location in the East End of Houston.

I’ll Imply, You Decipher brings together two fresh and outstanding voices in contemporary sculpture and installation. Utilizing galleryHOMELAND as a site to create both artists will be presenting new work and site specific works.

Both artists work together creates an ongoing vibration of literary translations. While McAvoy uses the items themselves to find new meaning and moments of contemporary humor or tranquility, Huete using history, fiction, and poetry to create a spark to begin from. Both artists harmonize upon completion with a series of intellectual and cleverly composed antidotes. Taking on the interiors of Homeland Huete and McAvoy present a solid and sound dialog with I”ll Imply, You Decipher.

Please Join us at galleryHOMELAND 6-9pm Saturday October 25th.

galleryHOMELAND Houston


Daniel Bertalot, Jed Foronda, and John Forse

Opening Reception September 3rd 7-11PM

September 3rd – October 18th

2327 Commerce Street
Houston, TX 77002

galleryHOMELAND is please to announce the opening of Urban Tactics at our newly renovated location on the East End’s Commerce Street. After fresh renovation HOMELAND is proud to present the work of Daniel Bertalot, Jed Foronda, and John Forse for our first show of our new location. Please join us for the opening of Urban Tactics and sneak a peek at our up coming programming and future events.

Urban Tactics focuses on a similarities of ideas with a vast diversity of mediums. This new exhibition works with place, spacial relations, and depth of surroundings. Living and working within Houston Texas Bertalot, Foronda, and Forse work individually forming conceptual ideas and out of the studio tactics into fresh new performances, sculptures, paintings, and new media pieces. Together and within Urban Tactics these three artists work brilliantly using “Place” and “Surroundings” as the backbone of their creating. Although each taking a different handle on the topic and reworking the ideas entirely to their own making, each of the three remain intimate with the connotation.

galleryHOMELAND is excited to present such group of artists and exhibition for our new home and location. Please join us Wednesday September, 3rd 7-11pm for our opening reception with DJ Dave Wrangler, beer, refreshments, and more.

On Friday September 5th galleryHOMELAND welcomes all to have some beer and cocktail with us from 8-11pm and get a second chance to see the exhibition.

For more information and details email or call us at Paul@galleryhomeland.org or call 503-819-9656

galleryHOMELAND Portland

Will Bruno::Sept5

Comics With Still Life: Finding The Inevitable Place

Opening Reception Sept. 5 6-9pm

Sept 5 – Oct 17

“…But when the August news turned us to this village of Carmel
instead; and when the stagecoach topped the hill from Monterey, and we
looked down through pines and sea-fog on Carmel Bay, it was evident that
we had come without knowing it to our inevitable place.”
-Robinson Jeffers

Last winter, Will Bruno set out on a quest to find his own
inevitable place. To find a place that speaks to him the way Carmel
Bay did to Robinson Jeffers and his wife, Una, a century ago. He has
visited many beautiful places, but is not sure he has found his own just
yet. Bruno finds himself asking wether it is still possible to find an
inevitable place.

galleryHOMELAND is pleased to present this new body of work from Will Bruno.  Having recently finished a residency at The Sitka Center For Art and Ecology, which couples artist and Natural scientists together in a creative and research-based environment, Bruno shows new works created on the Oregon coast. Centered on his struggles to find a place that speaks to him, Bruno creates art at the intersection of painting, installations, and comics.  Will Bruno lives and works in New Mexico and Portland, Oregon, and in 2012 received an MFA in Contemporary Art Practice from Portland State University, studying with Kristan Kennedy and Pat Boas. Will Bruno was recently asked to contribute drawings to the catalogue for the 2014 People’s Biennial at the Museum Of Contemporary Art Detroit.

Please Join us at galleryHOMELAND for this amazing opening of new work and installation of Will Bruno September 5th from 6pm-9pm.  For more information please contact Portland Gallery Director Reese Kruse 402-936-1379