EAST/WEST Project BERLIN: URBAN NATURE: September 19th

Josh Arseneau (galleryHOMELAND/ West Coast, USA), Mark Andreas & Cris Dam (Dam Stuhltrager/ East Coast, USA), Kathleen Vance (galerie open / Berlin, Germany), Steve Schepens (Brot und Spiele Galerie / Berlin, Germany)

September 19th – October 18th

Opening Reception
September 19th 8p – on

w/ performances by Portland’s own Blue Cranes
Reed Wallsmith on alto sax
Johannes Haage on guitar
Robert Michler on drums
This Frontier Needs Heroes

gallery location
Memhardstr. 1 10178 Berlin

From Sept 19, 2009 – March 31, 2010 EAST/WEST BERLIN will be in the heart of Mitte within two blocks of Berlin’s major transit hub and famous TV tower, ideally located among some of Germany’s most recognized emerging art galleries and museums.

The project encourages cultural exchange by establishing a short-term (six months) project space for international artists to share, develop and progress contemporary ideas. Selected hot emerging artists from the East Coast (Brooklyn/NYC) and the West Coast (Portland/Seattle) will be traveling outside the United States to Berlin.

Visit the website here.

For more information please contact Paul Middendorf paul@galleryhomeland.org.

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