Volver::Moe Penders

March 30 – April 28

Artist Talk::April 18th 7:30-8:30pm

Opening Reception March 30, 6-9pm

Space HL is please to present our newest exhibition by artist Moe Penders in partnership with Latino Art Now and the City of Houston.  Volver is a project featuring large scale photographs, and sculptures addressing the violent history of El Salvador and the mystery surrounding the death of the artist’s father in 1993.  The interdisciplinary installation and exhibition focuses on historical moments of the period within political turmoil and personal tragedy. Pender works the mystery and dangers that still continue to plague the lives today of fellow Salvadorans who still face the dangers of oligarchy, war, inequality of wealth and corruption which follows.

The project will mainly focus on a personal story, which can be paired with events in Penders’s life and the history of El Salvador. Houston is a city filled with immigrants from Central America and many more countries around the world. This narrative is not exclusive to El Salvador. This is the experience the artist is familiar with, and it may speak to many people who are part of the Central American diaspora, but will not be limited to this group. As this project is an investigation based on the death of my father, it will touch on intersectionality. Making reference to historic events such as the civil war in El Salvador and involvement the US has had in many political issues there, and the manners in which this affects people today Volver brings together a more precise image of a scarred history we all share. Through installation, photography, and sculpture Penders uses cues from the past to build a more comprehensive investigation in injustice and torn equality.  Volver becomes an ongoing essay into war, death, warp political intervention, and those seeking asylum.

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Panel Discussion – Disaster Beyond: Dib/Eden/James/Middendorf

Saturday Oct. 6 2:30 George R. Brown A3 Lecture Lounge

Disaster Beyond:
Making, Collecting, and Funding the Arts Post Disaster and Beyond
Panelist: Lina Dib / artist , Xandra Eden / DiverseWorks, Terrell James / artist, Paul Middendorf / galleryHOMELAND
Join us for a captivating panel discussion on the current state of making, collecting and funding the arts post Hurricane Harvey and beyond.  During this discussion creatives and civic leaders work through the new methods being taken post disaster.  Working through the dialog of the changing landscape of the economy and creative markets, panelist discuss the new directions being taken in the rebuilding of the art market as well as preparation and precautions being excersized local and nationally. Wether an artists, administrator, or art collector, Disaster Beyond will help better understand the changes and new progressions within the arts and get a grasp on future preservation.