galleryHOMELAND is a Portland, OR and Houston, TX based non-profit arts organization advancing awareness of our rich cultural community that surrounds us by creating new opportunities and lasting cultural exchange in a unique series of programs focused on exporting local arts and artists and importing national and international art and artists.

Founded in 2005 by artists Paul Middendorf and Page Saez, galleryHOMELAND fosters cutting edge and challenging concepts in Northwestern contemporary art. Focusing primarily on emerging and mid-career visual artists, the gallery’s programming includes a monthly exhibition schedule, an artist residence, and an international programming series involving opening temporary gallery spaces in leading contemporary art communities.

At the end of 2007, galleryHOMELAND opened a large new exhibition space at the Ford Building in the SE on Division Street and 11th Avenue. Artists and groups based both in and outside the region use several thousand square feet of active project space for the creation and exhibition of innovative works. As part of the Central Eastside Arts District, the gallery is connected to a thriving art community that has formed between the industrial corridor and residential districts of the SE. Newly renovated, the Ford Building is currently home to over 50 creative professional artists, companies, and organizations.

In September of 2009 galleryHOMELAND, in collaboration with Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery, opened the EAST/WEST Project for the first time in Berlin, Germany.

EAST/WEST Project was a nonprofit initiative that encouraged cultural exchange by establishing a short term project space abroad for international artists to share, develop and progress contemporary ideas.

Now galleryHOMELAND has expanded its reach and vision and has created a new project in Houston, TX. With our new location we our expanding out reach and continue to represent and exhibit under represented artists ideas and concepts. We continue to focus on our artists and communities by creating a strong cultural exchange between Portland, Houston, and Beyond.

galleryHOMELAND @ the Ford Building

2505 SE 11th Ave. #136
Portland, OR 97202
galleryHOURS:: Friday – Monday 12pm-6pm
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Submission guidelines for galleryHOMELAND

galleryHOMELAND accepts submissions in the form of CD’s, slides, website and/or email. Every submission must accompanied by a resume, an artist statement, a list of works included in the submission that clearly details each work by title, year created, material, dimensions, a brief description if necessary, and a SASE.

Please note that a (self addressed stamped envelope) is REQUIRED if materials are to be returned. Please use correct postage. International submissions must include international postage coupons available from your post office. Materials otherwise received will not be returned.

If submitting by email please include no more than 6 jpegs at no larger than 72dpi and 425 pixles/longest dimension.

DO NOT SUBMIT ORIGINAL WORK. Send only reproductions.

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2505 SE 11th #136
Portland, OR 97202

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Our People

galleryHOMELAND Staff
Paul Middendorf – Executive Director and Founder

Reese Kruse – Director

Emily Kosta -Events Coordinator

Zach Kosta – Documentation

Daniel Sexton – Design Coordinator

Stephanie Simek – Special Exhibitions

Vision Committee
Joseph Cohen
Terrell James
JoAnn Kemmis
Jonathan Leach
Victor Maldonado
Cris Moss
Robert Ruello

Advisory Board
Bruce Conkle
Nan Curtis
Tim DuRoche
Sam Gould
MK Guth
Jesse Hayward
Sean Healy
Eva Lake
Sonya Masinovsky
Mary Mattingly
Paige Saez

Thanks to our former Staff and Volunteers!
Paige Saez, Co-Director, 2005-2006 and Co-Founder
Meg Hanson, Event Coordinator, 2006-2008
Carly Leinheiser, Website Designer, 2005-2006
Karl Lind, Film and Video Curator, 2006-2008
Kazu Ohashi – Design, 2006-2007
Blake Shell – Gallery Consultant, 2008
Caitlin Moore – Administrative/Co-Director, 2005-2010
Emily Henderson – Associate Director 2007-2010
Carrie Webster – Staff/Design 2007-2010
Matthew Allen – Event Coordinator 2008-2010
Esteban Camacho – Staff 2008-2010
Christyn Overstake – Exhibition Coordinator 2008-2010
Matthew Morgan – Web Development 2007-2010
Calvin Ross Carl – Web Development 2009-2010

April Alden, Nicole Amore, Jes Anderberg, Nick diSessa, Alex Hutton-Tine, Erin Letterman, Jason Lewis, Grace Luebke, Charles Moss, Ben Stagl, Rachel Telesmanick