Brunch 15

Research Club Presents: Brunch #15

We’re keeping you on your toes this month with brunch! Due to our chef’s summer travel plans, we’ll be meeting on Saturday, yes, Saturday, June 25. As always, brunch is a great opportunity to ease into Research Club’s activities, get info. about projects you’re dying to be part of, and munch on some vegan, gluten-free goodness. Be there from noon-3 pm.

To date, this month’s speakers include:

Laura Hughes
Laura Hughes creates site-specific installation environments that analyze and redirect our perceptions within our architectural surroundings. Combining light, paint, and structural modifications to a space, her work challenges the assumptions we make about what surrounds us allowing us to see what is usually overlooked. Her reordered spatial vocabulary, which invokes both apprehension and imagination, works to illuminate and challenge our standard perceptions of space. She will discuss her work in the Vision show.

Judith Pulman
Judith Pulman has published two poetry chapbooks, written a bilingual play about Anton Chekhov’s romances, and studied acting intensively at the Moscow Art Theater in Russia. Her poems have appeared in small press magazines across Oregon. She has taught classes in English language and composition internationally as well as in Virginia. She is currently working towards her MFA in writing at Pacific Lutheran University.

Danielle Ross
The Why Behind The What: To Remember Is To Jump Around There - I am a choreographer, a dancer, a curator, and a moment-maker. I make dances that start with something familiar and end with something new. My dances revolve around our collective social choreography. I’m drawn to moments that allow quirk, awkwardness, and vulnerability to rise to the surface, and I am drawn to inflating what we often don’t say in social interaction. You may hear me calling this “the space between.” I’m currently working on a work titled, “To Remember Is To Jump Around There.” It will be shown in late fall of 2011.