Fabbri Series: Closing Ceremony

This Friday! Closing Event and Ceremony

Fabbri Series: Closing Ceremony
Friday, March 23rd 7:30 -10:30pm

Featuring: DJ KM Fizzy ( Kathy Foster of the Thermals)
Why I Must Be Careful
Four Legs and Two Voices ( Robby Kraft)
Jeff Diteman and Ryan Spangler

galleryHOMELAND hosts the fourth and final event related to the Fabbri Series: new paintings by Jeff Diteman.

Why I Must Be Careful returns from a long hiatus to bring us their jaw-dropping, meticulous frenzy of rhythm. The subjects of the Fabbri Series’ most haunting portrait, Seth Brown and John Niekrasz are together again after Seth’s junket in Indonesia. “This intricately wrought, white-knuckled, Chomskyan new music takes the rhythms inherent in language as its compositional cues and forces discursive syncopation into syllabic, post-structuralist melodies.” –BlueMonk.com

DJ KM Fizzy is Kathy Foster of the Thermals and All Girl Summer Fun Band. She is the subject of Diteman’s painting “Analogist,” and will be spinning indie, garage, punk, 60′s girl groups, international, funk and soul. Theoretically, if your legs need some shaking, you could DANCE in the GALLERY.

Four Legs and Two Voices is galleryHOMELAND alum Robby Kraft performing mathematically challenging duets with robots.

The Yielded You is a poem for many voices and MIDI voices, by Jeff Diteman and Ryan Spangler. “Clothe some of your time in my insulating oath. In salvos the wondered world will wash into you. Your dawn-elongated shadow is the only red carpet you need or will get.”

It might be cold and snowy in PDX but it will be heating up at galleryHOMELAND this Friday! Don’t miss this grand event and ceremony.  We hope to see you there!