Sound for the Organization of Society & Blue Cranes: August 1, 2008

Sound for the Organization of Society

Jon Armstrong, saxophones; Ingo Deul, drums and percussion; Kevin Dewan, drums and percussion; Tom Garcia, saxophones, flute, didgeridoo; Eric Klerks, bass; Chris Mosley, guitar, fretless guitar; Andrew Oliver, piano, keyboard, harmonium, cello; Sarah Phillips, keyboard and piano; Reed Wallsmith, saxophones

8 PM – Blue Cranes
Reed Wallsmith’s popular music group, which has recently released its critically acclaimed second album, “Homing Patterns.”

9:30 PM – Sound for the Organization of Society:
Sound For the Organization of Society is a creative music ensemble which plays original music by all of its members, and presents works which equally balance composition and improvisation. The group’s music draws from jazz, world music, and many other sources to create a unique and attractive brand of acoustic fusion.

The band was originally formed in 2004 in New Orleans. After a few performances, the members were scattered across the county by Hurricane Katrina, but reassembled in 2006 to record “India and Africa”, which was released in 2007. Further recording for a forthcoming album on Circumvention Records took place in Portland, OR in 2007. Currently, band members are living all across the U.S. but are reassembling for a West Coast tour August 1-10, 2008.

For more information please contact Andrew or Ingo Deul