Odds ‘n’ Ends Vol 3: January 12, 2008

Odds 'n' Ends Vol. 3

The Sight and Sound of Music Videos

Saturday, January 12th
doors at 7 pm
show starts at 8 pm
suggested donation $7

The idea with this screening was to re-capture some of those long-forgotten moments back in the day when you could just zone out watching a certain corporate Music Television channel for hours on end (back when they actually played music vids) and for nostalgia’s and ART’s sake ODDS AND ENDS will be reclaiming the airwaves from the corporate buffoons for one evening an evening of really rad independently produced music videos and doing it how it should be done. Does anyone else remember USA’s “Night Flight “? Am I showing my age now or what….

The search for Odds and Ends 3 has brought together a bevy of local PDX artists as well as international Music Video making stars. As usual I I began in my own backyard of Portland to begin locating some quality music vids, then included a few gems from the East Coast in Allen Cordell’s videos for Future Islands and Dan Deacon. Soon after, not far away in Philly I found Ted Passon’s video for Plastic Little and then I stumbled upon the most delectable treat in the form of Canadian Filmmaker Kara Blake’s video for Lederhosen Lucil.

So on January 12th bundle up and head down to Gallery Homeland, we’re looking forward to welcoming you to our new digs at the Ford Building and having a few brews and checking out and enjoying a fun packed evening of independently produced music videos. PLEASE JOIN US!

Lederhosen Lucil , Ohmega Watts, Mattress, Arthur and Yu, A Weather, Jean Grae, Plastic Little, Dan Deacon, Future Islands, Jakarta, Scream Club, Unrecognizable Now, Montague

Allen Cordell, Nate Goodman, Whitey McConnaughey, Kara Blake, Chioke Nassor, Ted Passon, Autumn Andel, Matt McCormick, Uli Beutter, Cat Tyc and Adam Long, Grace Carter, Melanie Brown,Tyrone Olsen, Mike Mudd, Ron Gassaway, Gretchen Hogue, John Bacone, Chris Bennett, Rob Tyler, Ali Cotterill, Vanessa Renwick

For more information please contact Paul Middendorf paul@galleryHOMELAND.org.