Approx L: March 28, 2009


Bethany Ides w/ The Lost Linden Choristers – Tony “Linzeezeezee-linzonopoulos” Christopoulos, Chase “Lynzay” Evans, Lily “Lynzeé” Gael, Patsy “Lindenna” Gelb, Brianna “Lynn Zi” Farina, Jason “Lindseit” Powell, Morgan “Llinsy” Alexandra Ritter

March 28th, 8pm

Approx L begins with a semi-identifiable or somewhat mundane substance (the name, Lindsay) and, through methodical examination, renders it utterly elusive, alien and non-referential. In this one-night-only performance, natural & transitional [Lindsay]s together comprise a single, obsessive gesture of spelling into being matter that evades specificity by continually modifying itself.

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