Scratch – A Culinary Bake Event

Scratch::A Culinary Bake Sale

Nov 22nd 11:00am-3Pm

A Food Lovers Benefit for galleryHOMELAND

at galleryHOMELAND and NUU Creative Agency

November is a time for cooler weather transition here in Houston. The last remnants of summer have disappeared and we begin to prepare ourselves for the fresh weather and holidays ahead. Suddenly we have an excuse to stay in and watch some TV show we are obsessed with, read a few books, catch up with friends over good food and BAKE. Yes Houstonians bake, so let’s have a bake sale! A great contemporary twist on “ the Bake Sale” galleryHOMELAND would like to invite you to participate in a very nostalgic sort of benefit. Remember bake sales from high school and community gatherings? This however is not an adolescent affair; this is our community doing what it does best, food. Scratch is a food lovers event and perfect for the Holiday Guest. This will be galleryHOMELAND’s Third go at this widely successful event.


Phoenicia Specialty Foods, Cat Lee ( T&A Kitchen ), Matthew Tobar ( Southern Goods ), Tout Suite, Ann Marie Tcholakian, and many many more of Houston’s finest.