Neighborhood Diaries: April 10, 2009

Neighborhood Diaries

a new listening series by Portland artist Abraham Ingle

Friday, April 10th

Portland artist Abraham Ingle is working on a new project called “Neighborhood Diaries.” He is recording the location-based memories of Portlanders and then weaving these memories together into free, audio “walking-tours” that will guide listeners through seemingly mundane street corners and benches, and communicate the rich, emotional history that makes up our surroundings.

Come to galleryHOMELAND for the first in a series of presentations and listening parties. Abraham will give a short talk about the project and process involved, answer questions and play a selection of newly prepared memories.

This series of talks will continue through September, when the project will be unveiled to the public in its finished form.

Abraham Ingle is a public artist who has worked in both the audio and physical mediums. His audio work included the 2008 series “The Flight and The Fall” – a This American Life-ish episodic seres that explores themes through found sound, interviews and compositions. Prior to that, he created physical works that were both street art and urban koans. Abraham has shown at City Hall, Jace Gace and has presented as part of the PSU Monday Night Lecture Series spin-off “Authentic Enthusiasm.”

Sponsored in part by the Regional Arts and Culture Council

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