STOCK: July 26, 2009


a new artist grant in Portland

Sunday, July 26th
6-9 pm

Stock is a monthly public dinner event and presentation series which funds small to medium-sized artist projects. Organized by Katy Asher, Ariana Jacob, & Amber Bell, and hosted at galleryHOMELAND, diners pay a modest $10 for a meal of homemade soup and other local delicacies and the chance to take part in deciding which artist proposal will receive the evening’s proceeds. In other words, the dinner’s profits immediately become an artist’s grant, which is awarded according to the choice of the diners. Winning artists will present their completed work at the following Stock dinner.

Stock is inspired by InCubate’s Sunday Soup granting program in Chicago and its offshoots in Brooklyn, Grand Rapids, Mexico City, Newcastle, and Houston. Organizers Katy Asher, Ariana Jacob and Amber Bell are interested in the participatory and democratic aspects of the Sunday Soup model and its potential to encourage support for artist projects in Portland.

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