AIR / Marko de Kok


new work by Marko de Kok

September 10th – October 3rd

Opening Reception Friday,  September 10th 6-9pm

In AIR, visiting Dutch artist Marko de Kok, explores the interfaces between design and art, through installations that challenge the perception of man and the character of community involvement. During his residency in Portland Marko explores and expands within his playground, by creating an installation especially for galleryHOMELAND. Using minimalist hanging metal sculptures, Marko creates time-lines or drawings within space that can be perceived and interpreted in multiple ways based on the vantage point of the viewer.  Utilizing his strong sense of design, Marko de Kok creates vast movements throughout the gallery using simple geometric pieces.  Reminiscent of Sol le Witt’s painted aluminum cubes, Marko creates tranquility through complexity.  Each piece, stretching to the ceiling, reveals itself to each individual standing below.  Through these many vantage points, the works commands intimacy for galleryHOMELAND’s new show AIR.