“Doing It To It”


“Doing It To It”:Friday June 11th

Patrick Collier, Per Schumann, Rudy Speerschneider, Amy Steel/Brian Drowns, Lisa Radon, Nim Wunnan, Malte Zacharias, & Dustin Zemel

Featuring: Entwurf Direkt – Germany, Gartenstudios – Germany, Research Club – OR, Grand Detour – OR

Show Dates June 11th – July 5th

Opening Reception: June 11th, 2010 6-9 pm

“Doing It To It” focuses on groups and individuals working within a network of people and communities to make a final wonderful outcome. Through ritualized repetition of day-to-day gestures these beautiful works of art and action are created along the intersection the unconscious and the intentional, drawing out singular moments often times lost in the mix of the general motions of the work week.

This group exhibition highlights projects, events, happenings and objects through a month long active exhibition. From a steaming compost pile made of high dollar art mags to a working international office think tank, lectures, dinners, and workshops the public will be brought directly into these projects and become part of the show. Through such conversations, actions, and installations the viewer gets a glimpse into the curious and fantastic network of these national and international artists!

Mind the Gap:Thursday, June 24th

photo courtesy of Gartenstudio

June 24th – June 27th

Berlin based Gartenstudio is a neighborhood organization encouraging an increasingly diverse and busy community to celebrate a sense of unity and home by encouraging their neighbors to discover parallels between a love of gardening, cooking and social engagement. Acting as a social organism, Gartenstudio carefully crafts an atmosphere of understanding and cooperation through their programming to produce Art as social sculpture. Their herbal installations, children’s cooking classes, furniture fabricated from recycled materials, exhibitions, and lectures are a series collaborative activities, shared authentic and genuine experiences, that inspire both care for the environment and encourage cultural exchange.

Mind the Gap
Gartenstudio’s Per Schumann + Malte Zacharias
Junior Ambassadors’ Rudy Speerschneider
Grand Detour and Research Club

Dinner + Presentation
Thursday 24th – 7 pm

2505 SE 11th Ave.
Portland, OR
$10 donation

Join us for a casual dinner around Gartenstudio’s community table (Von Tundra is generously opening up their wood shop next week and inviting Per Schumann to build a custom table out of found and recycled materials which will act as a focal point for Gartenstudio’s programming at the gallery).

Per Schumann will give a presentation where he will discuss some of the driving influences behind Gartenstudio and, using the gallery walls, create an illustration while talking about relations between humans/plants/gaps and the dangerous potato disease.

Malte Zacharias will prepare a delicious dinner from local ingredients.

Rudy Speerschneider will be serving up some of his outstanding, not-to-be-missed gastronomic creations.

Grand Detour and Research Club will be presenting a few words on food and art.

Sponsored in part by the Ford Building, Von Tundra, Portland Nursery, Friends of Portland Community Gardens, Pearl Bakery, Gathering Together Farm, Organically Grown Company and Sauvie Island Farms.

Kid’s Cooking Class:Saturday, June 26th

photo courtesy of Gartenstudio

3pm @ galleryHOMELAND

Menu: Handmade pasta with pesto, Malte’s special Apfelstrudel, Homemade mint sprite

Encouraging kids to make simple, delicious food from fresh, locally sourced ingredients invites them to know where their food is coming from and what their food is made of as well as teaching them that cooking can be easy and sharing what you cook can be fun.

The class is free and has 10 spots so please contact us at info@galleryhomeland.org to make a reservation.

Sponsored in part by the Ford Building, Von Tundra, Portland Nursery, Friends of Portland Community Gardens, Pearl Bakery, Gathering Together Farm, Organically Grown Company and Sauvie Island Farm Organics.

Grand Detour and Research Club presents Grassroots Mapping:Saturday, June 26th

Saturday, June 26th
11 am – 4 pm
@ galleryHOMELAND

For more information please contact us at info@galleryhomeland.org.