Free People

Opening Reception July 12th

6:30 -9pm

Open to public July 5 – 26th

Ralph Pugay’s Gymnastics Bull Attack

“FREE PEOPLE, is a group show featuring the work of twelve contemporary painters based in Portland, OR. As the title suggests these artists represent a diverse set of self-driven painting practices ranging from the figurative and surreal, abstract and geometric, to the concrete and representational concerns of painting as a creative form of expression. Not only do each of the artists in FREE PEOPLE demonstrate the versatility that painting offers contemporary artists, but also of its continuing vitality as a form of art. Though each artist in FREE PEOPLE is stylistically distinct there exists formal and conceptual overlapping practices, subject matter and methods. To be free as an artist today means that you posses the skills to make art based on values and the ability to be conscious and responsible for the choices you make. The twelve artists in this group exhibition allow us an opportunity to learn from their freedom and be inspired by it.”


Kavin Buck, Calvin Ross Carl, Timothy Scott Dalbow, Arcy Douglass, Danridge Geiger, Ruth Lantz, Kendra Larson, Matthew Letzelter, Raul J Mendez, Ralph Pugay , Roy Tomlinson