French Neon

French Neon

and Cody Ledvina

Opens Friday November 17th, 6-10pm

Donald Cameron

The Color Grey
New Works From the French Neon
Daniel Bainbridge, Zachary Bruder, Donald Cameron, Leah Dixon, Erin Lee Jones, David Teng Olsen,
Kassie Teng, Adrian Tone, Lauren Seidan, and Mark Sengbusch

“Dad Town is an HJ Hub”
New video projection from Cody Ledvina

galleryHOMELAND Houston and Skydive exhibition
2327 1/2 Commerce St. Houston, TX 77002
Saturday, November 17th-December 30th
Opening Reception @ galleryHOMELAND 6-10pm

Artists’ talk about the collective, 1:00
talk at Skydive, 2041 Norfolk Street at Shepherd Drive

galleryHOMELAND and Skydive are proud to present new works by French Neon and Cody Ledvina,
opening Saturday, November 17th 6-10pm

French Neon is a collaborative group of emerging artists based in the New York City area that exhibits frequently and actively throughout the region. Each artist is moving in an individual direction, yet together the group shares their ideas and energy that are equally passionate about new culture. Within their exhibitions, only new works are exhibited, and the group is constantly in a state of evolutional flux regarding venue, members and mood. Building off the passion and intensity of the groups own inner workings, The Color Grey forms a powerful exhibition of fresh and bold movements in painting today. French Neon has created pop-up exhibitions locally, regionally, and nationally, including Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami. The show will also serve as an
impromptu survey of fresh new artists making work in and around New York City, and project the synergy from within.

Cody Ledvina presents his new video installation “Dad Town is an HJ Hub”. Working within the realm of performance, installation, painting, and sculpture Ledvina is a Jack of All Trades! Presenting a new video installation on the outside of galleryHOMELAND’s new location in Houston Texas, Ledvina activates not only the viewer but the architecture and the environment around it. Cody Ledvina is the Co Founder of The Joanna as well as an established artist and curator living and working in Houston Texas. His works and projects have graced the Lawndale Art Center, Gallery Sonja Roesch, Domy Books, CAMH, Box 13, Aurora Picture Show as well and galleries and institutions across the country.

Please don’t miss this exhibition, talk, and residency November 17th – 6-10pm at

Paul Middendorf – Executive Director, galleryHOMELAND
Sasha Dela- Executive Director, SKYDIVE
Terrell James – Project Advisor, French Neon

2327 1/2 Commerce St. Houston, TX 77002