Fresh::July 10th

F 12

Contemporary Korean painting + photography

Eun-young Cho, Sahm-kwon Kim, Jihee Kim, Yang-hee Kim, Duk Hwan Jo, Hyunmin Lee, Keum Aeng Seo, Jooahn Kwon, Ji Eun, Joowon Lee

July 10th to August 2nd

Opening Reception
July 10th 6-9 pm

The contemporary Korean art scene is vibrant and exciting. Still relatively unknown in the West, Korean art is steeped in a rich, 5,000 year long cultural tradition that continues to be embraced by Korean artists in their examination of domestic and foreign influences currently shaping their modern society. The resulting work is diverse, sophisticated and uniquely Korean.

Fresh is a group exhibition of ten South Korean artists modernizing their heritage through the practices of painting and photography. Jihee Kim’s paintings, vividly rendered and pop-culturally influenced, use traditional Korean-style papers. Sahm-kwon Kim’s black + white photography resonates with the specificity of a time and place just out of reach.

galleryHOMELAND is pleased to present this fascinating look at a burgeoning art scene.

For more information please contact Paul Middendorf