Further More

Further More::September 4th

FM 2

Dan Anderson, Chris Held + Brian Pietrowski

September 4th – September 27th

Opening Reception
Saturday, September 4th 6-9 pm

In their first gallery exhibition, Von Tundra looks at the layers of meaning embedded in manmade objects and spaces. The works in Further More combine simple geometry and historical ornament to unpack the duality of constructed items: pragmatic in purpose, stylish in form. By subverting the relationship between practicality and desire (structure and surface), sculptures reveal conflicting sentiments of function and beauty.

Von Tundra is a Portland-based design house specializing in the creation of contemporary furniture, fixtures, installations, and interiors. Since the group’s founding in 2007 its three members have honed an aesthetic vision that unites Modernism’s efficient lines with the warmth of familiar materials and handcrafted integrity. As both a licensed company and artist collaborative, Von Tundra pursues a range creative endeavors from client-inspired projects to conceptually focused gallery exhibitions.

For more information please contact Paul Middendorf paul@galleryHOMELAND.org.