I Found the Cure at 32

I Found the Cure at 32::December 5th


Alexander Herzog

December 5th – January 31st

Opening Reception
December 5th 6-9pm

Seeking to merge image seamlessly with surface and structure, my work reflects classic elements scanned from the history of painting – flat space, four edges, and figure-ground relationship. At the same time, my work is a collision of cultural anthropology and phenomenological experience. I use the immediacy of photography and the plasticity of painting to suspend image into picture plane. Extrapolated from the moment captured, bits of visual information are expressed
as dents. Each dislocated dent has its own modeling and depth; I push and pull the segments of the image into space. Perhaps inarticulate taken alone, the monochromatic ground lends the fractured image isolation and detachment from reality — the separation of subject and image. Heightening the incisiveness and rigor of the work, my choice of a monochromatic palette aligns the surface and my alterations, absorbing and reflecting light according to environmental
change and the movement of the viewer.

-Alexander Herzog 2008

For more information please contact Paul Middendorf paul@galleryHOMELAND.org.