Incompletely::August 7th


curated by Calvin Ross Carl

 with work by Derek Franklin, Ashley Sloan, Josh Smith, Bailey Winters, Gary Wiseman, and Calvin Ross Carl

August 7th – August 31st

Opening Reception
August 7th 6-9pm

galleryHOMELAND presents Incompletely, curated by Calvin Ross Carl, an exhibition of new sculpture, painting, and drawing by Calvin Ross Carl, Derek Franklin, Ashley Sloan, Josh Smith, Bailey Winters and Gary Wiseman.

Incompletely features the work of six Portland, OR artists exploring themes of incompleteness and insufficiency through formal, conceptual and emotional means. In order to imply incompleteness, each artist employs the use of contradictory elements, such as mass versus void, fulfillment versus emptiness, and current progress versus an assumed point of completion. This use of contradiction captures the transitory state between beginning and end, and alludes to not only the lack of progress, but perhaps the suggestion that a final goal may never be reached.

The objects of Calvin Ross Carl, Derek Franklin, Josh Smith and Gary Wiseman clash Modernist tropes and idioms with the wit, sincerity, and hindsight of the 21st century. Their pieces are nearly odes to Modernist ideals, but appear to have been halted in middle of their building process, and frozen in pitiable states of silence, worthlessness, and transition.

Ashley Sloan and Bailey Winters create two-dimensional works that contrast areas of great technical detail with ambiguous and sparse surroundings. Both artists’ work exudes a quiet sense of melancholy and longing, which Bailey Winters’ captures with paintings that read as cinematic film stills, and Ashley Sloan captures in drawings focused on the transition between careless youth and mature adulthood.

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