Instinctive Inquiry

Instinctive Inquiry::October 3rd

II 1

Susan Murrell

October 3rd – November 2nd

Opening Reception
October 3rd 6-9pm

My current creative interests explore the acquisition and recall of knowledge as well as the parallels between our culture’s analysis of the natural world and scrutiny with which we view the creative process. I use the visual vernacular associated with textbooks and the sciences in order to parody the measurement of creative output. What occurs spontaneously and intuitively while making art is reflected upon, reworked, categorized, and/or dissected. This call and response mirrors what we often do, assigning purpose and structure to otherwise chaotic or mysterious systems.

The work in this exhibition consists of large mixed-media wall installations and drawings. A background in printmaking has given me an affinity for works on paper, although I also utilize painting, sculpture, encaustic and manufactured objects in my work. The impetus for each piece was different. The overall concept and physical shape emerged from a moment or idea often filled with a mixture of awe and anxiety. My use of scale is both an attempt to recreate that initial feeling for the viewer, and a reference to institutions whose purpose it is to disseminate information.

-Susan Murrell 2008

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