Paul NorthArt is interruption. We spend much of our time and money perusing works created, yet within these efforts I find we pontificate ourselves into a culture of oblivion. It is a culture where few things are known, yet we speak with such brash certainty on the topics. We build parentheses, so that we may agree on the accepted continuum of what art is, but it aids nothing.

The entirety of the experience comes when an individual is interrupted by a piece – by its beauty, intrigue, tragedy, playfulness, and framing of something as other. Knowing this, I have framed this piece to veer away from collective opinion, focusing on individual’s interaction and the meaning created from that.

INTERUPTUS functions as a baited hook. Those who choose to bite down will find themselves in a rascally carnival of experiences. For the last seven years, I have made my living on the Pacific, from commercial fishing in Alaska, to sailing Tall Ships down to the Equator and back. What I offer with this installation is a window into those worlds – a landscape framed by the tenets of my mind.

Artist Bio

Paul North is multi-directional man.

When on land, he puts his MFA in Creative Writing to good use. With two published works, his plays have been produced around the country. Most recently, a six-week run of The Gambler’s Daughter in Los Angeles.

Whilst at sea, he works as a Commercial Fisherman going for Salmon, a Commercial Diver going for Sea Cucumbers and Sea Urchins, and a Deckhand aboard scientific research vessels running from Hawaii to the Equator and back. Recently, he has been hired by Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic to work as a Naturalist.

Without the aiding efforts of Near Coastal Riot, this project would never have left the ground. Thank you all for your talents and efforts. We have learned much from the doing. Above all, that art is nothing, if not a deadline.