Melinda Laszczynski::Lady Palace



Lady Palace

galleryHOMELAND 2327 Commerce St. #108
January 2nd – Feb 14
Opening Saturday, 6pm – 9pm
Tight Sticks
HOMEcore 2010 Commerce St Unit B
January 9th – Feb 21
Opening Saturday, 6pm – 9pm

galleryHOMELAND is proud to present Melinda Laszcyski and her first solo show. Lady Palace is an exhibition of new sculpture, abstract paintings, watercolors and collages. Present within all of the works, is the humor and faux luxury found nestled within the shiny, bright, and bizarre. Collected items such as wonky succulents and chrome acrylic nails form tense narratives that highlight their contradictory qualities. These often become figurative, referencing the body or reflecting the viewer into the work. Second glances are encouraged, as pedestals are transformed into hidey-holes for found objects and paintings become ominous, jewel-like portals. Melinda cleverly adapts to her materials and dances in between formal studio practices and interdisciplinary experiments.

Opening January 9th, Tight Sticks, is an installation of sculptures by Melinda Laszczynski. Contradictions between her own desires and experiences with feminism are abstracted with a saccharine amount of glitter and binding nylon. Patterned hosiery is stretched over lumber to its breaking point, simultaneously sexy and violent. In assembling these, she strives for seduction and repulsion, unapologetically girly and aggressive. Two great shows in one week!

Please Join us for the openings of Lady Palace and Tight Sticks by Melinda Laszczynski opening on January 2nd and January 9th.  For more information please email or call 503-819-9656