Must Find Truth

Must Find Truth::November 7th


Roxanne Jackson

November 7th – November 30th

Opening Reception
November 7th 6-9pm

Concerned with peeling back the layers of social construction to emphasize the power of the subconscious mind, Roxanne Jackson’s sculptures employ the grotesque and macabre to reach an emotional truth and balance. Using bright glazes, flashes of gold and unexpected finishes Jackson plays with fantasy, attraction and repression.

Informed by pantheism, superstition and thecathartic nature at the heart of horror films Jackson’s mutated and anthropomorphized beasts erupt from the collective unconscious to give voice to a psychological breadth denied in modern life.

Roxanne Jackson currently lives and works in Minneapolis, MN. She received an M.F.A form the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. She has recently had solo exhibitions at Snap Contemporary Art in Vancouver, B.C.; the Portland Art Center and in scheduled for a solo exhibition at The Minneapolis Institute of Art in 2009.

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