Pastoral Visions: Marc Roder and Richard Melloy

Pastoral Visions

Marc Roder

Richard Melloy

Reception: Friday November 2nd 6-9pm

November 2nd through December 27th

Richard Melloy has been painting and showing his work since he was twenty years old. He is fifty-six now, and his career in the arts is driven by a personal passion completely outside the dialog of the modern painting world. His longevity has been maintained by sublimating his life and making painting a need on a primal level of eating or breathing. The narratives of his pieces are self-contained but draw on a personal language of symbols that can carry the viewer from work to work. “I wandered my way in to the dark woods of art and will die finding my way out”

His current series will display at gallery HOMELAND starting in November. This series is based on his struggle of filtering the relationships between people and places, through a process of symbolic comparisons and unveiling personal demons that can only be seen once disguised. “I yell at my paintings, I scream at my paintings”.

Marc Roder’s paintings mix personal stories and memories with historical and popular myth. Marc says: “In my paintings the accumulations of human debris suggest a world where the life of the object stands in for the presence of the figure and biological activity. Human striving and tinkering are strewn over the armature of earth, water and sky. I have drawn from the ever-changing landscape of popular culture and the retooling of our common mythical journeys inspired by Carl Jung, Ovid, Shakespeare, John LeCarré, Walt Disney and Homer (the Greek and Simpson), to name a few. In these paintings landscape is a jumping off point for narrative, it is an imaginary ground in which I can locate social, art historical and psychological concerns.  Everything depicted in my work probably has happened or probably will happen to me, and possibly to the viewer as well. The paintings flirt with disaster, and sometimes disaster flirts back”.

Marc Roder studied at the San Francisco Art Institute, received his B.A. in Fine Art from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and his M.F.A. in Painting from the University of Pennsylvania. His work has been in recent exhibitions at the Trianon Gallery in Alberta, Canada; Eastern Oregon University, La Grande, Oregon;  Greene Contemporary;  ArtBasel Miami, Dorsch Gallery, Miami, FL; Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota, FL; and a solo exhibition at Lake George Arts Project, Lake George, NY in  September of 2012. His paintings are included the Millon Collection; Estee Lauder Collection; Ringling Museum Collection, Time Warner Collection, and many other public and private collections.

He lives and works in Portland,Or.