Peter Moore :Controversy and Conversation


Controversy and Conversation

January 4th through February 22nd

Opening Reception With Peter Moore
January 18th 7-10pm

The Name Game

Peter Moore " The Name Game"

galleryHOMELAND is proud to announce an exhibition of the fine art of Portland’s own Peter Moore. Peter Moore’s work offers a new set of perspectives, social and political, controversial and conversational. Using a combination of screen printing, rubbing, and illustrative techniques, Peter’s artwork is pointed and uniquely his own.

Peter is best known for his influence on shaping the art of the modern sportswear industry, namely as Nike’s original Global Creative Director, a creator of the first Air Jordan, and leading the global creative resurrection of adidas America and adidas AG. For the last 10 years, Peter has begun to channel his lifelong interest of print making into a new vehicle for his art form – art that is provocative, at times humorous, but always crafted with something to say.

The Name Game refers to Peter’s unmistakable voice that is present in every one of the selected pieces. As opposed to hiding a work’s meaning through obscure reference or nuance, his art offers accessible and straight forward messages, with a depth that is often cued through the wordplay of the title. The combination of which conveys the artis’ts true intent. “My art has an attitude”, Peter says. “While I want people to talk about the work, I don’t particularly care if people agree. I do think if you can provoke conversation, there’s a good chance you can get to some form of agreement, compromise, even resolution.”

Peter Moore graduated from the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles, CA. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio into a family of Naval officers, surrounded by ideas, cultural leaders and political conversation. He began a lifelong learning process that helped set the “problem solving approach” that is the foundation to his design, his art and his person.

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