Project Chaboo

Project Chaboo::March 4th

PC Amy Ruppel

Ken Tomita presents-Alisha Wessler, Amy Ruppel, APAK – Aaron+Ayumi Piland, Ben Wood, Brendan Budge, Chris Haberman, Corbin Keech, Daniel Bennet, David Bertman, David Butts, David Joseph Laubenthal, Don Jensen, Emily Knudsen, Emily Steen, Eric Day, Erin Albin, Evan B Harris, George Ramos, Jason Hernandez, Jennifer Mercede, Jess Hirsch, Jim Haas, Joel Wakeman, Joe Mansfield, John Paananen, Juno Lachman, Kari Merkl, Karl Ramentol, Kelly Neidig, Ken Tomita, Lauren Wessler, Lindsay Holmes, Lisa Kuhnhausen, Marc Riera, Maren Jensen, Marshall Ryan, Meg Scheminske, Mike Halvorson, Nell Warren, Oluwaseyi Sosanya, Orange, Paul Sykes, Robin Kaplan, Ryah Radomski, Ryan Thomson, Sarah Bennet, Sara Huston, Sohaila Adela, Timothy Nolting, Todd Griffith, Tom Huang.

Opening Reception
March 4th 6-9pm

Project Chaboo emerged from a desire to build community and collaboration between artists, designers and consumers. Artists and designers have been invited to customize a Chaboo with their signature style. They work with a diverse range of mediums and techniques, including painting (watercolor, acrylic, oil), illustration (ink, digital), silkscreen, vinyl paint mask, metal, wood, felt, laser, glass, concrete, recycled skateboards, fiberglass, and bamboo.

Some of these artists have worked directly with finished Chaboo pieces while others have chosen to reinterpret the design using their own process and materials. Project Chaboo is about inspiring and challenging the collaborators to integrate their own medium and signature style into the Chaboo design.

Chaboo was designed with the intention of creating an affordable piece of furniture made of high quality materials that is also attractive, simple, and highly versatile. The body is made out of solid bamboo ply with various materials available to create the insert area. The design encourages the Chaboo user to assert his or her own creative agency in utilizing the piece to its fullest potential. 12.5″h x 14″w x 32″l

For more information please contact Paul Middendorf