Swarm Intelligence

Swarm Intelligence::April 4th

SI 1

Christoph Hüppi

April 4th – April 27th

Opening Reception
April 4th 6-9pm

galleryHOMELAND welcomes our first international participant in the Aubrey Baer Residency Program, emerging artist Christoph Hüppi of Zurich, Switzerland.

Christoph’s latest body of work is the visualization of contemporary life in paint rebelling against the use of painterly gesture that emphasizes the importance of the individual and geometric abstraction that illuminates its absence.

The exhibit features a group of works first conceived during a stay in India. Christoph found that although he was on the 15th floor of a brand new high rise if he dropped anything even remotely edible ants would soon be swarming along pheromone laced paths to gather up the remains. He would sit and watch them hour after hour, their movements tracing and retracing patterns as they traveled across the apartment in a behavior known as swarm intelligence.

Swarm intelligence also happens to be the mechanism through which telecommunications networks handle data. The way we try to find information on the internet exactly mirrors the method ants use to locate the fastest and most efficient path to a food source. In this internet age we live in it is increasingly likely that the accountant who does your taxes or the call center operator you just talked to is actually someone living in Bombay.

For more information please contact Paul Middendorf paul@galleryHOMELAND.org.