The Accelerationist::Dec 2018

The Accelerationist

Grand Opening Dec 8th 6-10pm

Nick Barbee, Robert Jackson Harrington, Ryan Hawk, Jessica Ninci, Samantha Persons

Space HL is in full swing and kicking off our grand opening with one of our most exciting exhibitions yet.  The Accelerationist challenges the boundaries of sculpture and installation through five regional artists radically investigating the constraints on their own practices.  The results are socially charged bodies of works that provoke the ways in which we view sculpture.  What makes an object or sculpture break from its mold into installation? What is the importance of its final orgin upon creation?  When do the actions surrounding the works become part of its presentation? The Accelerationist highlights radical action within production and the antagonistic nature of the practices within.  With an unstable and unnerving foundation, which now forms our day to day, more is demanded.  The Accelerationist focuses on five individuals that bring more to their bodies of works and conversation than simple idle object making.  The new exhibition is an exiharating core sample and selection of some of the most progressive artists working within Texas and beyond and Space HL is honored to present these artists together for the first time at our very first exhibition.
The Accelerationist opens Friday December 8th, 6-10pm 1303 Cullen Blvd.
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