The Fabbri Series::Jeff Diteman

The Fabbri Series::Feb 3

New Paintings By Jeff Diteman:: This Friday @ galleryHOMELAND

Opening Reception::Friday Feb 3 6-9pm

Friday, February 3rd:

Opening reception curated by James Victor Yeary, and featuring Leo Daedalus, John Berendzen, Mack McFarland, David Weinberg and Mark Owens. A night of theatrical poetry in the Fluxus tradition, culminating in the ambient disaster Everything Must Go.

Friday, February 17th:

Dance and music performance curated by Jin Camou, featuring Lucy Yim, Thicket, and Linda Austin.

Friday, March 2nd:

Video dance performance featuring Jeff Diteman and Grace Nowakoski, other performers TBD.

Friday, March 23rd:

Blowout closing party, performers “Why I must Be Careful” Is Confirmed To Preform on the evening of the 23rd. With Seth Brown fresh back from Indonesia.