The Sword of Light

The Sword of Light::October 2nd


Josh Arseneau

October 2nd – November 1st

Opening Reception
October 2nd 6-9 pm

Working in many types of media, including installation, drawing, painting and printmaking, Arseneau appropriates images and fragments of images from a range of sources, though the internet provides him with the majority his raw materials. The images he chooses to work with are most often related to tragedy: plane crashes, car crashes, catastrophic acts of nature. Arseneau takes these manifestations of death, futility and helplessness and constructs a hyperreality where danger is intensified and emotional states multiply exponentially. In this amplified world of collisions, shot through with fear and adrenalin Arseneau fabricates a space for a kind of Zizekian processing of the traumas in life. By manifesting deep seated, universal anxieties, by bring them out of the self and into existence the specter is made manifest and thus its nature can be exposed.

Josh was born in a small town in Missouri in April of 1975. He has lived all over the Western United States and now resides in Portland, Oregon. He graduated from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2004 where his painting thesis examined children and war in West Africa. Josh has done art his entire life and loves the sound of spoken languages foreign to his own. He rides his bike all the time and always appreciates the way the asphalt smells after a light rain.

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