TransFixed::March 13th

TF 10

a group show curated by Victor Maldonado-Sara Nyquist , Laura Hughes, Danridge Geiger, Calvin Ross Carl & Rainbow Ross

March 13th – March 29th

Opening Reception
March 13th 6-9 pm

Mapping the diversity and fusion of contemporary culture is what inspired the selection of artists for TransFixed at galleryHOMELAND. As a site of convergence itself within the Ford Building, galleryHOMELAND has employed a space for the exhibition of art whose form deviates from traditional white cube spaces. But it is with this stage that galleryHOMELAND deploys cutting edge and experimental art – a kind of support system of it in our local creative commons.

With that setting in mind I selected artists that I’ve had the pleasure of working with at PNCA and whose work aided me in understanding the value of contemporary Fine Arts practices now. Artists and practices that spoke to the kind of creative re-imagining and re-contextualization that is now possible to engage galleryHOMELAND’s architectural demands. Creating continuity where once divisive polemics ruled, drawing, painting, sculpture and architecture dovetail with open ended practices and broken forms to render violence, evoke catharsis and represent the humor and beauty our common conditions provide.

The title of the exhibition plays textual double-duty meant to convey both a sense of frozen wonder and also the kind of exacting, idiosyncratic piercing of finally having caught something who’s nature isn’t to be held.

Fear No Art,
Victor Maldonado

For more information please contact Paul Middendorf