Aug 2-Sept 15

Opening Reception August 2nd 6-10pm, Performance 8pm

San Antonio Jose Villalobos presents his new solo exhibit Gay as an Accessory for Space HL’s latest summer exhibition. Tailored of new and old works the show concentrates on the idea that exists that LGBTQ+ individuals are queer by choice as he recently experienced the same criticism. Being gay is not a choice, being gay is not an accessory for a trend. Heavily including works comprised of found objects mostly being items to accessorize they carry a symbol of power. Villalobos protests the toxicity of machismo through the use of objects that carry a history, specifically within the Norteño culture, by deconstructing and altering them. Although new forms are created, he demonstrates the battle between the acceptance of being maricón and assimilating to cultural expectations. Villalobos will be performing at 8pm in conjuntion with the exhibition.03-81


Opening Reception August 2nd 6-10pm

Ronald Jones is a Houston artist and creative that explores the physical and mental use of negative space with his new green space installation. Through the open space investigation Jones examines the roles we are placed within as individuals with regards to race. The sculpture asks questions about access, agency and how we navigate the physical plane as well as examines ideas about how we mentally allocate space for these conversations. Highlighting the origins of humankind and the current state of our existence the and the contrasts of dark and light give rise to conversations about race and issues of colorism within communities of color. Encompasing Space HL’s green spaces the installation asks that our subconscious conversations be made physically present and that we navigate them with the understanding that we all deserve to have space, access and agency in this world.
Please join us this Friday at Space HL 6-10pm for a not to be missed evening of exhibitions. 1303 Cullen Blvd.
For more information email or call 503-819-9656