(Working Title)

(working title)

Photo By Zack Kosta

Opens January 17th 6pm – 9pm

First Friday reception February 7th from 6pm – 9pm

Jan 17th-Feb 21st

At the university level there is a long standing tradition in art classes that requires professors and staff to present their works to the student body. These shows allow the public and the students to better understand the educators’ perspective that they are teaching from.  “Working title” is a  show dedicated to the Volunteer Staff of Gallery HOMELAND. The show hopes to allow local artists and the public, which the gallery serves, to better understand the personal works and artistic perspectives of the people who have dedicated their time to furthering the local fine arts scene.
We invite you to take a moment tell us how we are doing, both as an organization and as individual artists, and to help us celebrate our eight years as a not for profit arts gallery.

Emily Kosta

Emily Kosta
Emily Kosta:  Co-leader of Craft Night South East since 2007, Emily began volunteering for Gallery HOMELAND in 2011. Emily’s works delve into her fascinations with the natural world and are currently focused around microorganisms, her materials and personal practice range from seeking to engage the public through graffiti embellishment of our world to sculptural layered paintings on repurposed materials.
Zack Kosta: Started volunteering with Gallery HOMELAND in 2011, along with Emily he has been co-leading Craft Night South East since 2007. Zack’s personal works
Zack Kosta
range from social practice performance art to the celebration of the sacred geometry of detritus. His current works revolve around the quiet messages of materials and the history that can be seen upon them.
Marc Roder: Started volunteering for Gallery HOMELAND in 2012, often curating and helping with our events. His personal practice is currently extracted narrative notes in oil, pen and pencil from his extensive reading in Jungian studies, mythopoetics, comic theory, and UFO literature. Marc’s curatorial work strives to connect Portland to the larger art world through traveling exhibitions.
Reese Kruse: Started volunteering for Gallery HOMELAND in 2008. Reese has been an art administrator for varying organizations since 1995 and is currently acting as a cultural advisor for PDX Magazine. Reese’s personal works range from performance installations to public sculpture. His current body of work is

Marc Roder :Outcropping Diptych

centralized around exploring natural decision making processes found in biology and chemistry, and using  them as allegory.