HOMELAND’s New Location and New Mission

galleryHOMELAND is a Houston, TX  based non-profit arts organization advancing awareness of our rich cultural community that surrounds us by creating new opportunities and lasting cultural exchange in a unique series of programs focused on exporting local arts and artists and importing national and international art and artists.

Originally founded in 2005 by artists Paul Middendorf and Page Saez, galleryHOMELAND was formed to foster cutting edge and challenging concepts in contemporary art regionally, nationally, and internationally.  Now galleryHOMELAND continues to move forward and grow. Homeland’s programming includes a yearly exhibition schedule, an international artist residency, monthly performance events, a national and international lecture series, and ongoing programming engaging the audiences of our culturally rich communities and regions.

Over the years galleryHOMELAND has worked with hundreds of artists, curators, and cultural partners.  Approaching a decade of programming, Homeland has presented over two hundred exhibitions, programs, events, screenings, and more.  Homeland has worked throughout the US and oversees in collaboration with artists, curators, and institutions in Munster/DU, Kassel/DU, Berlin/DU, Zurich/CH, Basel/CH, Istanbul/TT and more.

galleryHOMELAND has expanded its mission and vision to create a newly renovated space in the culturally rich East End District in Houston, TX. With our new location we our expanding out reach and continue to present new and experimental ideas and concepts. We continue to focus on our artists and communities by creating a strong cultural exchange nationally and internationally.

Board of Directors

Paul Middendorf

Terrell James

Ann Marie Tcholakian

Michael Landrum

Madeline Hussey

Advisory Board

Debra Barrera

Jordan Dupuis

Patricia Hernandez

Garrett Hunter

Rachel Hooper

Sorcha Landau

Eric Leshinsky

Gabriel Martinez

Callie Meeks

Gene Morgan

Bret Shirley

Jacob Spacek

Megan Spacek

Robert Ruello

Bill Willis

Dave Wrangler

Executive Director – Paul Middendorf