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Bill Daniel::Tracking down the texas punk problem
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Daytime Television
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Sustainable Practice
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gH Celebrates Five Years
The Oregonian, Aug. 2010

East/West Berlin ‘Urban Nature’ Group Show
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Gallery Homeland Seeks Inspiration With EAST/WEST Project
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Tilt Export: Approximate
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Tilt Export: Approximate
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Tilt Export: Approximate
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Project Chaboo
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Project Chaboo
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Show of the Month
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PORT Staff Picks of 2008
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Instinctive Inquiry
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Instinctive Inquiry
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Surface Tension
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Universal Grammar
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Swarm Intelligence
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Wild Wild West
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Wild Wild West
Willamette Week, Feb. 2008

NW Thang
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“Residence”, review
Willamette Week, November 2006 

Odds and Ends
Portland Mercury, Nov. 2006

Scratching the Surface
Portland Tribune, July 2006

Bonnie Fortune (HOMELAND Artist in Residency)
Portland Mercury Interview, March 2006

HOMELAND: Walking Fortune

TJ Norris’ Interview with Bonnie Fortune, March 2006

Paul Middendorf and Paige Saez

Portland Mercury Interview, October 2005

The Opening of HOMELAND

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STS ’07 Residences at PICA
August 2007

Works at the Ford Building
August 2007

Odds and Ends Vol. 2
July 2007

Benefit for Scatching
the Surface 2007

July 2007

Video reProgramming
Video Banquet
June 2007

Stratching the Surface ’07
Call for Artists
April 2007

2007 Programming & News
March 2007 

PS1 in New York City
Feb. 2007 

Art Basel in Miami
Dec. 2006

Odds and Ends
November 2006

The Art Exchange
Aug. 2006

Reception in Support of “Scratching the Surface”
May 2006

Scott Wayne Indiana “Wallpaper
Nov. 2005

Sept. 2005

Lifeboat Hamptons
June 2005

Lifeboat Miami
Nov. 2004