Aubrey Baer Artist Residency

galleryHOMELAND’s Aubrey Baer Artist Residency provides international and national visual artists the opportunity to live, work, and exhibit in Portland’s vibrant art community. Under artist and professor Harrell Fletcher at Portland State University, galleryHOMELAND co-founder Paige Saez began an artist’s residency program. She began inviting artists and art-related groups to come live and create work for one month in Portland.

Now under the direction of Paul Middendorf, the Artist Residency continues to bring contemporary artists to Portland. Residents receive room and board, a stipend, and an exhibition of their work. Through participation in lectures, panel discussions, and exhibition events, participants are introduced to Portland’s thriving art world. galleryHOMELAND provides participants the opportunity to develop valuable relationships with Portland curators, gallerists, critics, and artists as well as introducing them to our unique regional perspective.

To date galleryHOMELAND has brought six artists into Portland with 2008 marking the first international resident to participate. The Artist Residency continues to expand its scope; in 2009 galleryHOMELAND will begin exporting Portland artists to reside in other cities and create work.

Past Participants

Ianthe Jackson

Tim Folland

Bonnie Fortune

Christoph Hueppi

Mary Mattingly

John Vitale

Nancy Nisbet

Marko De Kok

About the Program

LOCATION: Portland, Oregon

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all visual artists*.

OVERVIEW: The galleryHOMELAND Residency Program provides visual artists the opportunity to live, work and show in Portland’s vibrant arts community for up to three weeks. Through participation in lectures, panel discussions and an exposition of the Resident’s work at galleryHomland participants are able to meet with curators, gallerists, critics and artists and develop valuable relationships.

STUDIOS/SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Supplies to work with including but not limited to: various shop and power tools, digital camera, color printer, fax, copier, and scanner, opaque, projector, computer station with internet connection, graphic design programs, technical help and advice provided by gallery directors/staff.

HOUSING/MEALS/OTHER FACILITIES & SERVICES: Housing is provided in a furnished home. Artists are responsible for their own meals.

ACCESSIBILITY: Residential facilities may be difficult to access in a wheelchair though each applicant and their needs will be addressed on an individual basis.

APPLICATION GUIDELINES: galleryHOMELAND’s Residency Program is open to all professional visual artists*.
Please note that a self addressed stamped envelope is REQUIRED if materials are to be returned to the applicant. Please use correct postage. International applicants must include international postage coupons available from your post office. Materials otherwise received will be disposed of.

DO NOT SUBMIT ORIGINAL WORK. Send only reproductions. 1. Ten (10) jpeg images (no slides please) at 150 dpi and 420 pixels/longest dimension on a CD named as follows:
-the name of each file must be numbered consecutively with a two digit number followed by the last name of the artist followed by title of the piece example: 01-smith-untitled.jpg
Film/video and new media artists please submit a DVD of no more than five individual clips each no more than 5 minutes in length.
2. Corresponding image list including title, date, materials and dimensions. This list may be included on the CD as separate text based file or printed out and included in the application envelope. If further description/explanation of individual work is needed please include brief descriptions in the image list.
3. Applicant’s CV/resume/bio either in a digital text based format included on the CD or printed materials.
4. Artist statement either in a digital text based format included on the CD or printed materials.
5. A brief statement of intent including what level of familiarity with the program/gallery (how did you hear about the program) either in a digital text based format included on the CD or printed materials. This document should also include the Artist’s full name, mailing address, email address, telephone number and nationality. Send completed applications to:
galleryHOMELAND Residency Program
c/o galleryHOMELAND
2505 SE 11th
Portland, OR 97202

galleryHOMELAND does not discriminate based on gender, race, pilotical opinion, ethnic or national origin, age, sexual orientation, religion or marital status. email questions to

*to be eligible all applicants must be professional visual artists over the age of 21 at the time of submission.