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In just 9 months The EAST/WEST Project:

-Held 6 exhibitions at their Berlin space, guest curated 2 exhibitions elsewhere, exhibited over 50 artists, hosted over 20 residency artists in their program, raised over $2500 to provide food for the residency, had over 30 articles published by influential international publications, provided an interview for ProjectExplorer, used in millions of classrooms worldwide, worked with 10 other commercial and nonprofit art organizations, and had 4 sponsorships!

The EAST/WEST Project’s mission was to encourage cultural exchange by establishing a short term project space for international artists to share, develop and progress contemporary ideas. With such a successful beginning, EAST/WEST Berlin is ready for its next chapter and incarnation of projects administered by Dam, Stuhltrager (Brooklyn) and galleryHOMELAND (Portland).

Next for galleryHOMELAND
After successfully introducing Portland art and artists to an international audience through the EAST/WEST Project, galleryHOMELAND is continuing the dialogue by bringing new global programming to their space in Portland. This summer, they will be working with Berlin based collective Gartenstudio on an exhibition and series of social practice engagements. This fall, galleryHOMELAND builds cultural connections in Texas with an art exchange and exhibition series. Next year, the gallery further advances the discourse between Portland and Berlin by developing and administering cross-cultural programming while expanding their reach to Tasmania. To follow galleryHOMELAND in Portland and beyond visit: www.galleryhomeland.org

Next for Dam, Stuhltrager
Recognizing EAST/WEST’s success was in part due to the need for an international nonprofit program in Berlin, Dam, Stuhltrager will continue running the space long term with Alexandra Rockelmann as Rockelmann Stuhltrager Projects (RSP). RSP will develop, produce and present monumental international Public Art projects that pioneer contemporary art and have the ability to create history once realized; projects generating cultural discourse leading to a better understanding of society and meaningful relationships between different communities through actively engaging new, widened audiences. Beyond continuing to run her gallery spaces in Brooklyn and Berlin, this Fall season Dam, Stuhltrager has a series of Public Art Projects in Vienna as well as museum exhibits at The Arsenal (Kiev) and The Hermitage Museum (St Petersburg). To follow Dam, Stuhltrager in Brooklyn, Berlin, Vienna, Kiev, Russia and beyond visit: www.damstuhltrager.com

The success of galleryHOMELAND and The EAST/WEST Program is due in part by support from Bear Flag Wines, Dalla Terra Winery Direct, Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Foxfire Teas, Froelick Gallery, PDX Contemporary Art, Pond, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Widmer Brothers Brewing and the generosity of the Portland arts community. Thank you!

The EAST/WEST Project was a nonprofit initiative encouraging cultural exchange by establishing short term project spaces for international artists to share, develop and progress contemporary ideas.

The EAST/WEST Project provided leading contemporary art communities with worldwide access to each other, the ability to collaborate and a physical axis for developing ongoing cultural dialogue.

EAST aka Dam, Stuhltrager

Founded in 1998, Dam, Stuhltrager is a contemporary art gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The gallery is known as an incubator of emerging talent and for groundbreaking exhibitions that incorporate technology or utilize mediums in a new, fresh way.

Dam, Stuhltrager’s nine artists have provided large public installations in some of the most visible venues and events throughout the world including Lincoln Center (New York), Coachella (Indio), E-Halle (Basel), Convention Center (Istanbul), Circulo de Bellas Artes (Madrid) and The Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg) to name a few. This September, Dam, Stuhltrager ships off on an artist on an expedition with the Farm Foundation (Arctic Circle), commences a 150 ft public installation at the Oriental Pearl Tower (Shanghai), launches the nonprofit artist residency The East/West Project (Berlin) and sends art off to a handful of museum exhibits.

WEST aka galleryHOMELAND

Founded in 2005, galleryHOMELAND is non-profit fostering cutting edge and challenging concepts in art. Their goal is to work closely with the community to provide some of the finest exhibitions and projects for Portland’s creative economy. galleryHOMELAND contributes to the contemporary arts in Portland through the cross-pollination of regional, national, and international art and artists.

galleryHOMELAND’s ten emerging and mid-career artists are nationally represented and internationally exhibited showing work in museums, gallery exhibitions and art fairs around the world. Istanbul Biennale (Istanbul), Shibuya O-Nest (Tokyo), Aqua (Miami), Tacoma Art Museum (Tacoma, WA), Portland Art Museum (Portland, OR).

gallery address: Fichtestrasse 3, 10967 Berlin

Hours: Wednesday – Saturday 12:00 – 18:00

Directions: U7 to sudsern or U8 to hermannplatz


EAST/WEST Berlin Exhibition Schedule

Sept 19 – Oct 18, 2009

Opening: Sept 19, 2009
featuring artwork by:
Mark Andreas (EAST)
Cris Dam (EAST)
Josh Arseneau (WEST)
Kathleen Vance (BERLIN)
courtesy of galerie open

Oct 23 – Nov 21, 2009

Opening: Oct 23, 2009
featuring artwork by:
Jonathan Brilliant (EAST)
Ruth Marshall (EAST)
Eric Hollender (EAST)
Sean Healy (WEST)
courtesy of Elizabeth Leach Gallery
Joe Thurston (WEST)
courtesy of Elizabeth Leach Gallery

Jan 15 – Feb 13, 2010

Opening: Jan 15, 2009
featuring artwork by:
Anna Frants (EAST)
Raphaele Shirley (EAST)
Devrim Kadirbeyoglu (EAST)
Damien Gilley (WEST)
Dan Gilsdorf (WEST)
Ethan Rose (WEST)
Georgi Begun (EU)
Alexandria Dementieva (EU)
Florian Japp (EU)

Feb 19 – Mar 20, 2010

Opening: Feb 20, 2009
featuring artwork by:
Miya Ando (EAST)
Victor Kegli (EU)
Marte Kiessling (EU)
Victor Maldonado (WEST)
courtesy of Froelick Gallery
Vanessa Renwick (WEST)
courtesy of PDX Contemporary Art
Carol Salmanson (EAST)

Mar 26 – Apr 25, 2010

Opening: Mar 26, 2010
featuring artwork by:
Ghostfuk3r (EAST)
Christoph Hüppi (WEST/EU)
Adam Raymont (EU)

Apr 30 – May 30, 2010

Opening: Mar 26, 2010
featuring artwork by:
Midori Hirose (WEST)
Chloé Richard (WEST/EU)
Elina Tuhkanen (WEST/EU)
Per Schumann (EU)

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The EAST/WEST Project Berlin is made possible by support from

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and the generosity of the Portland arts community. Thank you!