EAST/WEST Berlin::Urban Nature

Urban Nature::September 19

josh Arseneau

September 19th – October 18th

Opening Reception
Saturday, September 19th
6-9 pm

w/ performances by Portland’s own Blue Cranes
Reed Wallsmith on alto sax
Johannes Haage on guitar
Robert Michler on drums
This Frontier Needs Heroes

gallery location
Memhardstr. 1 10178 Berlin

Mark Andreas (EAST)
Josh Arseneau (WEST)
Chris Dam (EAST)
Kathleen Vance (EU)

EAST/WEST’s inaugural exhibit sets a precedent of what is to come. Divided physically in half, the gallery space is a convergence of urban and rural perspectives.

Skewed from predictions, Cris Dam and Mark Andreas from Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery in New York conjure landscapes of water and nature in contrast to the street art of Josh Arseneau from Portland’s galleryHOMELAND. The artists insightfully communicate their environments in the East and the West coasts of America, opening dialogue into how art can transcend beyond boundaries of one setting.