Ghostfuk3r (EAST)

For “A Materialized Order” New York scene maker David Carson, arrives for his European debut under alias “Ghostfuk3r”. His site-specific installation – part tangible, part participatory performance – has already begun. A weathered and travel worn shipment of guitars is making its way from New York City, through a sojourn in customs and on to the gallery in Berlin. Encompassing the entire parlor floor at EAST/WEST the piece will include video installations and a live performance on opening night where a string of surprise VIP guests will each have their time in the spotlight, destroying the guitars and making the most memorable marks on them as possible. After the live performance Ghostfuk3r will pick up the pieces and create an installation commemorating the experience of moving on and exploring ideas of what is “authentic” and what is “manufactured”.

Ghostfuk3r’s website