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A Beautiful Sound and Light Installation

Around Kreuzberg? I am, and at Gartenstudio is a fantastic light and sound installation by artist Sergio Canteros. http://web.mac.com/scanteros/iWeb/SIMULACRA/Welcome.html I have had the pleasure to hear Sergio and his crew rehearse before the opening, during the opening, and after. Its always sounded amazing to me! There are images on the site, but you have to [...]

Berlin Collective Presents Sandra Peters

Dear Friends & Colleagues, Please see join us for this event next Monday, Feb. 8, 8:30-10. About this Event: This event is an introduction to Sandra Peters film, “Défilé des Ombres”, a screening in the gallery space, and a short dialogue between Marc Gloede and Sandra. Since this is a small gathering, we will have [...]